Airscreen LED

outdoor snowing sport eventThe Airscreen Led Powered by Skywatchers Technology

Introducing the Airscreen LED powered by Skywatchers multi-patent technology, bringing outdoor electronic displays to new heights.

Designed in conjunction with the engineering team responsible for your favorite Super Bowl Half-Time performances, Cirque Du Soleil productions and the most spectacular theme park attractions, the Airscreen LED will impress audiences with the most breathtaking mobile outdoor displays on the planet.

The Airscreen LED is the first medium of its kind to deliver the largest mobile outdoor LED electronic display available in the entertainment industry.

The Airscreen LED is the safest, largest, highest-flying and most economically efficient medium to deploy at your next event. Reducing traditional setup times, labor costs and the need for structural assembly+disassembly, the Airscreen LED gets the job done like no other platform.

The Airscreen LED is the perfect solution for your next live event. Please contact us for further product details and availability.

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